The START is the page from which we can download the updates system for the clients (XOneLive), this component (XOneLive), once installed in the client´s device, will be in charge to download the rest of components of the Platform (Framework, Database, etc).

In Iphone/Ipad and Blackberry, the XOneLive is included within the Framework, IT IS NOT an independent component.

The default.asp file of the START is ready to show or redirect the user to the corresponding platform, according the device from which the call to that page is being made, but because it is a web page, this one can be customized to make the necessary design and customization.

The download link of the XOneLive, can be sent by other methods, such as:

Sending an email with the address from the XOneManager.
Sending an SMS from any place enabled by the client.
Installing from the BES if it is a BlackBerry device.
Manual installing from a personal computer.

START folder Structure

1.- The default.asp of the START, will be in charge to redirect the install.asp of the corresponding platform to the device that visits the page.

2.- In the IIS (Internet Information Service), it is necessary to register the MIME types corresponding to the different files we are going to be able to link (APK, PLIST, IPA, COD, JAD…), the mimetypes we have to register are described in this page: