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Similar to before-edit, the main difference is that after-edit triggers when the screen has just been painted.

If the scripts in before-edit are a little bit heavier, we try to avoid the user with a “blank screen” waiting for the scripts to finish, changing thing to after-edit, user can see the screen just painted, so, the experience is like you have to wait less.
coll level scope.

This event is triggered when one object is launched in edition and the screen is painted, if the object is changed by script in background, this node does not work. ( It can be called by script: self.executeNode(“after-edit”); ó this.ExecuteNode “after-edit” según sea js ó vbscript )

In next example, we check the versión the user has in the users table and update it if the version has changed.

<after-edit show-wait-dialog="false" refresh="true">
	<action name="runscript">
		<script language="javascript">
			if ( user.APPVERSION != appData.getGlobalMacro("##VERSION##") ) {
				user.APPVERSION = appData.getGlobalMacro("##VERSION##");;